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Magic comes as naturally to me as breathing. I am a vessel of Chaos. You will regret betraying me.
―Eishe of Vicovaro, Lady of Steel

Eishe (pronounced I-Shay) Ulvenson of Vicovaro, "The Lady of Steel", or simply Eishe, was an Aedirnian born mage who had been kidnapped in her youth, enrolled in Gweison Haul, and ended up serving as a court mage in the Duchy of Vicovaro. She was an active member of the court until the empire turned on her forcing her to flee northward. She later would return to the Nilfgaardian Empire with her siblings and an imperial pardon granted directly from the Emperor himself.


Early life (1121-1131)

Born to a peasant couple of Ralluald and Ugga out of seven children out of which three turned out to be Sources, Eishe herself, her twin brother Adalwulf  and their younger sister Arrah. Born as the third child just before her younger twin Adalwulf by a minute, six days after the start of the Imbolc Savaed and the holiday of Imbaelk. Eishe was the third born daughter of the peasant Ralluald Ulvenson, she was given a lucky token which she wore on her neck from her parents in hopes that she would grow up beautiful and lucky. For the most part Eishe's childhood was fairly normal until at the age of 4 when her father became cursed by a mage and suffered a major psychosis. Ralluald became violent, irrational and depressive.   

Eishe's brother is taken away by a witcher (1131)

A ten year old Eishe was present when the Witcher came to claim Adalwulf because of Ralluald's promise. Eishe was completely distraught and tore at the Witcher in an attempt to try and save her brother. Her brother calmed her and told her everything would be well. Ralluald's relationship with his family was never the same after that. Adalwulf walked off with the witcher over the hill. Later that night Eishe manifested her powers for the first time telekinetically blasting a boulder in a cave where she had gone to vent her frustration.

Brought to Gweison Haul (1136)

April 23, Imbolc Savaed. While playing in a field with her younger sister Arrah, a deep reconnaissance Nilfgaardian scouting party happens upon her, not wanting any witnesses to their presence the scouts attempt to kill the girls with arrows, Arrah manifests her powers saving her sister, seeing such a powerful display from the young girl the scouts change their mind to kidnap Arrah. Eishe fearing losing another family member manifests her powers again paralyzing all the soldiers long enough for Arrah to get back to the village and for Ugga to rally the men. Eishe loses her grip on one of the soldiers and he knocks her out, the scouts decide to take Eishe instead and retreat back south. Eishe is forcibly enrolled at the Imperial Magic Academy or as it is called 'Gweison Haul', to learn to use her magic for the good of the Empire.

Eishe's Tenure at Gweison Haul (1136-1156)

Eishe spends the next twenty years learning to control and regulate her magic under the strict guard and guide of the soldiers and mages of Gweison Haul, she is afforded bare living conditions and learns to put the good of the Empire before herself. Eishe was trained in the basics of spy work, and developed a skill with disguising herself. She maintained an iron will despite being forced to bend the knee to the Empire, making up for it with loyalty to the Emperor and her handlers. Eishe was assigned a mentor due to her usual level of willpower. Her mentor was a sorceress described by some as 'deceptive', who went by the name of Corthiva Aep Gledhir who wore the traditional clothes of the school mages, hated disrespect and who valued their word above all else. Corthiva had a hands on teaching style with Eishe, ending up hurting one of Eishe's closest friends while at the Academy a girl by the name of Ervlee Skistam.

Eishe undergoes the magical surgery to remove all her 'imperfections' (1137)

During her first year, Eishe underwent the procedure to fix any imperfections, the school which was already aware of the strength of her Chaos, was already planning on assigning her to a court should she do well thus wanted her not to be an eyesore, like Aretuza at the same time Eishe was also magically sterilized to avoid the unpredictable effects of giving birth to potentially unstable children.

Eishe is charged with exploring the catacombs (1142)

Eishe was chaged with exploring the catacombs of Gweison Haul by her mentor Corthiva. Eishe ended up finding a spell scroll for the spell, Essence of Potion in the catacombs of the school. She presented it to her mentor, who saw no reason not to teach Eishe, a useful and for the most part harmless, non-offensive transmutation spell.

Eishe makes an ally (1145)

Gweison Haul hosted the mage Xarthisius, Eishe went out of her way to make friends with the older mage while studying under him, the two become friends.

Eishe meets Omdal (1148)

August 25. While with her class escorting a detachment of soldiers due to lack of manpower, the group is attacked by bandits, Eishe uses her magic alongside Corthiva and fights alongside Omdal of Dol Blathanna who happens to get caught up in the battle. The bard and the apprentice mage consider each other acquaintances.

Eishe gains fame by winning a magic duel (1153)

Eishe fought the rather skilled and already graduate mage Jaffald Aep Lylluhm in a magic duel over a subject in which Jaffald felt he knew more about and was embarrassed when the still apprenticed Eishe corrected him. For the sake of saving his ego, he called a duel but end the end Eishe came out the victor. He forfeited a Crystal Dog Skull, a useful item which creates a animal of the skull's type that acts as a familiar until its death, but can be restored with a ritual which Jaffald also taught her. Eishe decides to name the skull and the dog it form as 'Garm'.

Eishe's mentor ties in a tragic magical accident (1155)

Eishe's apprenticeship ended badly and prematurely as she watched in horror as Corthiva lost control of their collective magic, while magically tethered to an angry Eishe and ended up obliterated herself, that scene made Eishe very aware of regulating both her anger and her power from then on.

Eishe's final year at Gweison Haul and her graduation (1156)

After the tragic passing of her mentor, Eishe was assigned to serve as an assistant for her final year to another teacher at the school, the elven sorceress and future Director of Magic at Gweison Haul, Glynnis var Treharne, who signed off at the end of the year on Eishe's graduation and the two became fast friends.

Eishe is appointed to the Vicovaro court (1156)

After finishing her forced education at Gweison Haul and with her various accomplishments under her belt, Eishe was awarded a commission as a court mage to the duchy of Vicovaro.

Eishe studies a curse (1167)

Eishe began delving into the workings of a particularly vile curse that has been affecting a family for generations. While she was not successful at dispelling it, her findings grant her more insight into the nature of curses.

Eishe gains a familiar (1176)

Eishe gained the friendship of an cat (Aravae) that follows her everywhere. She has enchanted the cat with unnaturally long life and intelligence.

Eishe studies divination (1182)

Eishe spent time delving into the study of divination and clairvoyance. She learned the Oneiromancy Ritual.

Eishe helps her sister Arrah of Verden (1194)

Eishe receives a job to work with a Verdenian mage on a project for a Nobleman, the mage turns out to be Eishe's younger sister Arrah. Eishe helps Arrah out in return for a promise of a favor in the future.

Eishe was betrayed by a acquaintance and discovers a portal (1204)

Eishe discovered the location of an old elven portal that leads to an old glade in Dol Blathanna, one of her fellow travelers a mage by the name of Lulbri Aep Brynord claims the credit for the discovery and tries to get Eishe discredited, he succeeds in the first regard less in the second, he is found later that year beaten half to death, he refuses to name his attacker.

Eishe spent the decade practicing battle magic training (1210s)

In secret, over the course of the next decade, Eishe trained her body and mind to battle other magic users and resist their power.

Eishe gained a rival and an ally (1226)

Eishe embaressed a Nilfgaardian scholar in front of his posse when he tried to verbally attack Nilfgaardian mage Fringilla Vigo, Eishe backed her up, gaining a enemy and a friend at the same time.

Eishe takes on an apprentice (1234-1254)

Eishe found a young elf descended Vicovarian girl who was gifted with Chaos, Fopha Brickevrerg. Fopha came from a tiny but supportive family of Academics. Fopha's magic had developed in the form of a small magical trait and expanded from there. One day Fopha figured out how to perform a small magical effect and she quickly showed it off to her family and friends. At first Fopha's family tried to use Fopha's gift for themselves. Fearing the effect it was having on his family, Fopha's father who knew of Eishe through the Court privately contacted her and asked her to take the girl under her wing during her stay at Gweison Haul. Eishe spent 20 years with the girl at Gweison Haul, helping her bring her powers under control and training her to be a mage. After completing her training Fopha are in constant communication with Eishe and Eishe on occasion asks Fopha to research magical matters for her,

Eishe owes a favor to the Nilfgaardian noblewoman Iose (1255)

Eishe of Vicovaro is framed for a crime and now owes a favor to the Nilfgaardian Noblewoman Iose after she comes to her aid in her case.

Eishe is temporarily reunited with her long-lost twin brother (1260)

A member of the Vicovaro court Viscount Raldages Aep Menwim issued a contract and contacted Eishe who used her favor from Arrah to scry out a Witcher for the job, to Eishe's pleasant surprise it turns her long-lost twin brother Adalwulf who had become a Witcher. Eishe assisted Adalwulf with his investigation and eventual extermination of the Bruxa named Vaxemi who was in a relationship with the Viscount.

Eishe practices armored casting in secret (1261)

After helping Adalwulf slay Vaxemi, Eishe begins practicing her casting while wearing armor, making it easier for her to protect herself with armor while casting.

Saving Razan of Cintra (1266)

A witcher of the School of the Bear, Razan of Cintra is brought before the court under suspicion of spying. During his time in his cell mumbling to himself, Eishe overhears him mention Adalwulf. Eishe uses her magic on Razan to clear him of his charges effectively saving him from execution, Eishe seeks a private audience with the witcher asking him details and stories about his fellow witcher Adalwulf of Aedirn.

First Northern War (1262 - 1263)

During the events of the First Northern War, Eishe was serving in the Vicovarian court, so she knew about the events of Sodden Hill but had no direct relation to it.

Second Northern War (1267 - 1268)

Eishe was still serving in the Vicovaro court during the events of The Second Northern War but was starting to get worried for the safety of her brother and sister. She started to make plans to insure their safety in the coming war.

Third Northern War (1271 - 1272)

During the Third Northern War, her preparation for taking in her siblings were discovered by her political enemies and the information was presented to the Emperor under the pretense of her siblings serving as spies from the North, rather than being taken and tortured about the accusation, Eishe decides to defect to seek out her brother. She disguises herself and makes the journey north to find Arrah who crafts a tracking charm that leads them to Adalwulf. Eishe doesn't keep her connection to Adalwulf a secret this time and reintroduces him to Arrah. The two mages join up with the Witcher's party for a few contracts until fearing for their safety in the magic-phobic Redania, Adalwulf sends them to his estate in the former lands of Aedirn, where they laid low until the end of the war being taken care of by the property staff who came to enjoy the sorceress' company, his sisters run the business operated at the estate and make a fortune while laying low.

Eishe discovers a place of Power near Thornwood Manor (1283)

While in hiding at Thornwood Manor, during one of her daily walks Eishe stumbles upon a Place of Power tied to Water. She attunes to the Place of Power.

Eishe befriends a knight (1296)

Eishe and Arrah have a mysterious guest to the Manor, a knight named Sidrind Of Vengerberg, he and his cohorts becomes good friends with Eishe.

Eishe moves back to the capital city of Vicovaro and joins the School of the Fox (1300)

In the year 1300 Eishe as well as her twin brother the Witcher Adalwulf of Aedirn as well as her younger sister Arrah of Verden made the journey to Vicovaro after Adalwulf received an invitation from other former School of the Wolf Witchers and within a year Eishe's brother was appointed as the Grandmaster of the School of the Fox, after Eishe and Arrah made many improvements to the Witchers Trials, as well as presenting research/notes from other schools. Eishe was brought back to court where she received a pardon from the Emperor and served as an intermediary to the School of the Fox in the Vicovarian court. After linking a portal to Murov Bylne, Eishe buys herself a home in the capital city of Vicovaro and establishes herself not only to the Ducal Court but also to the people. The Vicovarian people slowly opened up to Eishe as she helped them with their woes. Eishe knows will always be welcome there, and they will even offer shelter and food should she need it.

Eishe enrolls Adaluwlf in Gweison Haul for a proper course in magic (1308-1328)

Under the urging of Eishe, Adalwulf enrolls in Gweison Haul to learn to cast 'proper magic'. Eishe told Adalwulf that he would be attending the academy for twenty years, she made sure he received permission to use a Megascope to continue to lead his school from his room at Gweison Haul, she also made sure he was not apprenticed to another mage after Eishe's own bad experience with the apprenticeship program. Eishe made sure to let the teachers and the Mage Hunters know the consequences of mishandling her brother, both from the School of the Fox, from the Court of Vicovaro and to an extent the government of the Nilfgaardian Empire.

Eishe and Arrah journeyed to Gweison Haul for Adalwulf's graduation and to escort him home. The siblings stopped at a tavern in Vicovaro to celebrate their reunion before they continued on their way.

Eishe gains a small financial windfall and suffers a bit (1312)

Eishe does a great service to the Vicovaro Ducal Court, as such she is owed some money which she decides to claim later. Eishe overdraws from a Place of Power near Burov Mylne, she now finds it harder to draw from Place of Power.

Eishe befriends a scholar (1327)

Eishe befriends a Vicovarian Scholar after she saves them from an accident, they are socially powerful and consider Eishe a good friend.

Eishe studies the Encyclopedia Arcana (1335)

Eishe dove deep into the laws of Chaos, its evolution, and its uses.

Eishe become a Magical Bioligist (1342-1348)

Eishe spends four years studying the inherent magic of monsters like Leshen and Fiends. She learns how to cast the Imbue Trophy Ritual. A service she offers to the Witchers of the Fox School and those that visit.

Haak Invasion of the Northern Kingdoms (1350) 

When Eishe heard about her brother's decision to go fight off the Haaki invasion she tried to go with him, but was talked into staying at Burov Mylne, to oversee the next generation of Witchers' development alongside her sister. Eishe was overjoyed when her brother returned from the invasion in one piece.

Eishe has a vision of the future (1353)

Eishe through a vision conveyed through symbols and metaphors foresees the Second Conjunction of the Spheres will happen in five years. Adalwulf of Aedirn shares this news with the other Witcher Schools as well as trying to tell the Kingdoms of Man, some take the vision seriously, others laugh him off.

Second Conjunction of the Spheres (1358)







  • Xarthisius (Human) [Mage/Astrologist]
  • Omdal (Aen Seidhe) [Bard]
  • Jaffald Aep Lylluhm (Human) [Mage]
  • Glynnis var Treharne (Aen Seidhe) [Mage]
  • Fringilla Vigo (Human) [Mage]
  • Zeryun (Human)
  • Lonnike (Human) [Bounty hunter]
  • Fopha Brickevrerg (Aen Seidhe) [Mage]
  • Iose (Human) [Noble]
  • Saikon (Human) [Priestess of the Great Sun]

Known enemies

  • TBA


  • Ralluald Ulvenson of Hoarton (Father) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased, died because of the effects of a curse}
  • Ugga Ulvenson of Hoarton (Mother) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
    • Taeka (Older sister) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
      • Cornall (Bloodrelative nephew) (Human) [Doctor]
      • Tipha (Bloodrelative niece) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
      • Stecast (Bloodrelative nephew) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
        • Farah (Bloodrelative grand niece) (Human) [Peasant]
    • Dheiphi (Older sister) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
      • Iskan (Bloodrelative nephew)(Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
        • Valath (Bloodrelative grand niece)(Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
          • Lelas (Bloodrelative great grand niece) (Human) [Merchant]
          • Liodda (Bloodrelative great grand niece) (Human) [Priestess of Melitele]
    • Daskel (Older brother) (Human) [Bard] {Deceased}
      • Cenhu (Bloodrelative nephew) (Human) [Bard]
        • Naeda of Verden (Bloodrelative grand niece) (Human) [Bard]
    • Adalwulf of Aedirn (Fraternal twin brother) [Witcher] {Demi-immortal}
    • Oki (Younger sister) (Human) [Peasant] {Deceased}
      • Stebik (Bloodrelative nephew) [Peasant] {Deceased}
        • Duva (Bloodrelative grand niece) [Peasant] {Deceased}
          • Eoltan of Aedirn (Bloodrelative great grand nephew) [Man at Arms]
    • Arrah of Verden (Younger sister) [Mage] {Demi-immortal}


  • Garm [The name Eishe gave to the Crystal Skull and the dog it forms into]
  • Aravae [Cat originally, became a Cat Sith Familar thanks to Eishe's magic]

Personality and traits

I heard tale of a mysterious witcher that came through the courts of Vicovaro a few years ago that peaked my interest, I hear you two know each other, tell me what do you know about Adalwulf of Aedirn, Razan of Cintra?
―Eishe "The Lady of Steel" to Razan of Cintra

Characterized by her secretive personality. Eishe was disciplined and unemphatic in the face of emotional matters during court proceedings, but would show manners in situations which required them. Believing in the good of the Empire up until her falling out with them, following that her thought focused on the well-being of her brother.

She was well known in court for speaking frankly with strangers until given a reason not to, this led to her being disliked by politicians but putting her in favor with the duchess. She was also exceedingly talented at keeping secrets and institutionally discerning when to talk and to who. Exceptionally loyal and close to her colleagues in her own way. Rational at most times and dangerous when her anger was sparked. She had an obsessive streak about her twin brother Adalwulf who she was separated from during their childhood, almost finding it too hard to contain herself when first hearing news about him, or during her reunion with him when he didn't remember her. 

She earned the moniker "The Lady of Steel" through her use of an iron staff, her hard, cold demeanor and her unbending will which was rare among graduates of the Imperial Magic Academy. It was never officially confirmed but one person who crossed Eishe was later found beat half to death by what looks like a staff.

Standing 5' 7" tall, this pale skinned woman has a cold-hearted feel about her. She has piercing gray eyes and long, loose dark brown hair. She looks to be in her late teens but is much older than she appears.

Because of her time in The Imperial Magic Academy she wears rather utilitarian clothing for a mage, believing more in utility than extravagance. Later when reunited with her brother and sister (the latter of which helped changed her style) she has changed her clothing style to be more elegant and revealing as most Aretuza trained sorceresses were known for doing.

Religious beliefs

Eishe, because of her time in Gweison Haul until rather recently Eishe viewed the Emperor of Nilfgaard as the living incarnation of the Great Sun. Following her return to Vicovaro, she on the surface has resumed her worship of the Great Sun but is currently an atheist choosing to believe in science and magic. She was at one time at odds with members of the Church of the Great Sun but later becomes friends with some of its members.


  • Magic
    • Gesture Casting: The ability to cast mystical/supernatural phenomena through hand gestures/seals/signs.
    • Incantation: The ability to use magic by using magic words from a certain language, in most cases Elder Speech.
      • Magecraft
        • Aether Elemental Magic
          • Illusion Magic- Glamour
          • Summon Staff - A Aether based spell that allows the caster to dematerialize their staff and transport it to a place they have been within the last day. They can cast the spell again to summon the staff back to them.
          • Telepathy - A Aether based spell that allows the caster to communicate telepathically with one subject for the duration of the spell. Telepathy has the additional effect of crossing language barriers.
        • Earth Elemental Magic
          • Talfryn's Prison - A Earth based spell that binds a target in roots. Named after the treacherous knight Talfryn of Nazair.
        • Water Elemental Magic
          • Transmutation Magic- Essence of Potion
        • Ice Para-Planar Magic
          • Ice Magic- Carys' Hail
        • Hexes
          • Luck Hexing- The Devil's Luck
        • Rituals
          • Divination Ritual-Oneiromancy
          • Healing Ritual- Ritual of Life
          • Magic Summoning- Create Crystal Skull
  • Source: As a Source, Eishe is capable of channeling strong amounts of Chaos through her body, making her capable of incredible magic beyond a normal mage's level, she learned to temper and focus this while at Gweison Haul Magic Academy.
  • Staffmanship
  • Alchemy
    • Mutagenic Alchemy


  • Iron Mage's Staff: A large iron staff with a fifth essence core. Eishe's main non-magical means of defending herself while on the run as well as her magic focus item, she has the ability to summon and store her staff via magic.
  • Belt Pouch: Eishe's main way of carrying her small possessions.
  • (When not in use) Crystal Dog Skull.
  • Makeup Kit: Acquired just before finding her brother again. She wore makeup applied by a female member of court for the first time during their meeting. Following her escape from the Nilfgaardian Empire, Eishe used it to disguise her appearance along with glamour to help avoid capture by Nilfgaardian agents.
  • Journal: Eishe keeps a journal. Where she shares personal thoughts and feelings, as well as her plans and goals.

The Witcher TRPG Stats

Current campaign

Stats: INT= 10, REF= 5, DEX= 6, BODY= 8, SPD= 6, EMP= 10, CRA= 8, WILL= 10, LUCK= 11, Vigor= 5

Abilities: Magical Training (2)

Skills: Education +7, Social Etiquette +7, Staff/Spear +7, Disguise +1, Grooming and Style +7, Human Perception +7, Seduction +7, Crafting +1, Hex Weaving +8, Spell Casting +7, Resist Magic +8, Ritual Crafting +7.

Spells: Carys' Hail, Essence of Potion, Glamour, Summon Staff, Talfryn's Prison, and Telepathy.

Hexes: The Devil's Luck

Rituals: Create Crystal Skull, Oneiromancy, Ritual of Life


Stats: INT= 10, REF= 5, DEX= 6, BODY= 8, SPD= 6, EMP= 10, CRA= 8, WILL= 10, LUCK= 11, Vigor= 5

Abilities: Magical Training (4)

Skills: Education +7, Social Etiquette +7, Staff/Spear +7, Disguise +1, Grooming and Style +7, Human Perception +7, Seduction +7, Crafting +1, Hex Weaving +8, Spell Casting +7, Resist Magic +8, Ritual Crafting +7.

Spells: Carys' Hail, Essence of Potion, Glamour, Summon Staff, Talfryn's Prison, and Telepathy.

Hexes: The Devil's Luck

Rituals: Create Crystal Skull, Imbue Trophy, Oneiromancy, Ritual of Life


  • Eishe has a obsession with her twin brother Adalwulf, this later gets tempered as he spends time with her, but the two are very close but in a sibling way.
  • Eishe still views Arrah as her little sister as such she wants to protect and nurture her, she is supportive of Arrah's life choices and hobbies.
  • Eishe has researched various magical and scientific studies such as divantion via oneiromancy, as well as Witcher mutations and the trials that created them in an attempt to fix certain disadvantages of the Witcher making process. Like Yennefer of Vengerburg, Eishe is also looking for a solution to the sorceress sterility tradeoff that some schools seem to enforce.
  • Eishe is an NPC created in the Witcher TRPG for Adalwulf of Aedirn's campaign.