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Donengar Akehi, nilfgaardized as Donengar Akehi aep Dúnen was an okamese ambassador and later nilfgaardian commander in Mekan. From which the Nilfgaard Military Intelligence obtained its first orions.

Donengar belonged to a diplomatic mission, which sought to establish trade relations with Nilfgaard and the Okami Islands. Which failed, but Donengar was so fascinated by the nilfgaardian culture that he decided not to return to his homeland and join the empire.

And because of his experience as a soldier, in particular as a samurai, he was given an important position in Mekan as a commander and nationalized nilfgaardian.


  • Rumors among nilfgaardian military say Donengar could actually be a quadroon due to its characteristic hot pink eyes.