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A Demon (Not to be confused with Daemons.) is a mysterious being from another plane of existence. Demons are currently classified as a type of Specter, as they share the most similarities with the classification. They have different stages in which they make their presence known in the other planes.

The art of summoning demons in the world of the Continent is known as Goetia. It usually ends poorly for the often unprepared and ill-informed, even in the event of success the demon usually gets the last laugh as they have longer lifespans than their captors which may actually be unconfirmed immortality. A Demon's name can be used to bind a demon, a ritual can be used to learn a demon's name before contacting them, though if the ritual fails the caster is marked by a Lucifuge and the demon will become ever aware of the caster.

Demons have three classes: Supreme Demons, Superior Demons and Inferior Demons.

Goetic Rules of Demons

  • Demons can be summoned through their True Name being chanted five times aloud during a Summoning Ritual (Controlled or Uncontrolled).
  • Items of Goetia
    • Bloodstone Dagger- A dagger using for Goetia rituals and for the making of a Goat Skin Mantle.
    • Goat Skin Mantle- A proper made goat skin mantle made via the Goat Skin Mantle ritual when used to summon a demon it renders them unable to possess or harm you when you summon them.
    • Unknown distraction object- Each demon type has an item that when presented to them at their summoning makes it easier to bind, distract or deal with them.
    • Wand of Banishment- Demons can be temporarily banished back to their own realm for 24 hours by use of a wand of this make, though if the placed their Lucifuge on a target this is only a temporary measure of escape.
    • True Staff of Binding- One could use a True Staff of Binding to bind demons.

Stages of Demonic Presences

Level Description Details Examples
1st Sonic The weakest demons can only manage sonic disruptions into other planes without actually crossing over the planar threshold, such as shattering glasses or causing loud noises. Hauntings, Goetia rituals, Specters
Level 1 Kinetic The next stage of demonic incursion a demon can muster is to cause kinetic disturbances by physically interacting with small objects from the safety of the demon's own dimension. Hauntings, Goetia rituals, Specters
2nd Gaseous Form Demonic being sacrifices their physical influence in the Continent's dimension for the ability to communicate with humans. Used by lower level demons to communicate with Goetia devotees. A lack of physical presence means Level 2 presences are among the easiest to repel. Will O'Wisps
3rd Corpse Possession This is the first Level that presents a true physical threat in the Continent's dimension. While shambling and slow (Through degradation of motor function), possessed corpses can cause a danger in enclosed spaces, or when allowed the opportunity to ambush. Identifiable by signs of ambush. Energumen, "Zombies"
4th Living Subject Possession Using a greater force of will than a Level 3, this presence is both more dangerous, and more difficult to identify (No outward signs other than mayble slight disorientation/lack of focus)

As the host is usually chosen for physical fitness they tend to possess at least normal strength and speed. When in possession of a witcher's body they can become a vessel of great destructive potential (Kiyan as a Energumen for example).

Energumen, Mad Kiyan, Tristan of Ellander, Wolf Energumen slain by Geralt of Rivia accompanied by an exorcist priest, Bes (Possession of a human)
5th Lower Order Physical Presence A Level 5 presence represents the first point which dimensional being present themselves in the Continent.

Normally found in minion type demons, these require the will and control of a higher being to bridge the inter-dimensional gap.

The Caretaker (speculated), The Black Cat and Dog (speculated),

Ruehin (speculated), Hounds of the Wild Hunt (speculated), Hyms (speculated), Inferior and Superior Bes (Physical Manifestation via Goetia summoning ritual), Inferior and Superior Casglydd (Physical Manifestation via Goetia summoning ritual), Inferior and Superior Mari Lwyd (Physical Manifestation via Goetia summoning ritual)

6th Higher Order Physical Presence A Level 6 presence represents the greatest recordable threat through inter-dimensional intrusion: Extremely powerful beings. Level 6's can travel through dimensions at will, warping space and time to meet their tactical needs. "Demon God" Yrrhedes (Speculated), The Caravan Man (Speculated)

Known Demon Races

  • Bes- Demons of Rage and Power
    • Supreme Bes
    • Superior Bes
    • Inferior Bes
  • Claglydd- Demons of Knowledge
    • Supreme Claglydd
    • Superior Claglydd
    • Inferior Claglydd
  • Hym- Demons of Guilt
    • Supreme Hym
    • Superior Hym
    • Inferior Hym
  • Mari Lwyd- Demons of Greed
    • Supreme Mari Lwyd
    • Superior Mari Lwyd
    • Inferior Mari Lwyd
  • Personification Demon
  • Contract Demons- Wish Granters
    • Supreme Contract Demons
    • Superior Contract Demons
    • Inferior Contract Demons
  • Various unknown other demon species and races

Known Demons

  • Aamon
  • Abyzou
  • Ala
  • Amii
  • Androsphinx
  • Asakku
  • Azrael
  • Bael
  • Baitza
  • Belakor
  • Bune
  • Culsu
  • Dadgamor
  • Daeva
  • Dahax
  • Daigui
  • Daishi
  • Dariel
  • Draug
  • Erlik
  • Etrigun
  • Focalor
  • Gaap
  • Guayota
  • Helga
  • Hinn
  • Hym
  • Ipos
  • Jaraxus
  • Jikininki
  • Kiyan (Energumen, probably possessed by a Inferior Bes.)
  • Kroni
  • Lempo
  • Lichino
  • Lilit aka Niya (Supposed Dark Goddess or Demon)
  • Lucifer
  • Moloch
  • Oni
  • Otaka
  • Pyramid Man
  • Rakiel
  • Rakshasa
  • Ruehin
  • Sitri
  • Suanggi
  • Surgat
  • The Black Cat and Dog (Supposed Inferior Demons of somekind originally in service to Gaunter O'Dimm, who went on to serve Olgierd Von Everec and Iris Von Everec.)
  • The Caravan Man
  • The Caretaker (Supposed Superior Demon of somekind originally in service to Gaunter O'Dimm, who went on to serve Olgierd Von Everec and Iris Von Everec.)
  • Tuyul
  • Ukobach
  • Valac
  • Vugo
  • Wechuge
  • Wutang
  • Yrrhedes ("Demon God")
  • Zepar
  • Zul


  • It is rumored that the God of Demons Yrrhedes originally taught Goetia to mortals and the elder races alike through eldritch whispers, though he purposely withheld crucial information to try to maximize the number of botching summoning and binding rituals. The refined techniques, teachings and methods were the results of research by the ancients.
  • Due to a bit of lore, we can confirm that Gaunter O'Dimm is neither demon or djinn, despite him originally being included in this list as a possible Supreme Contract Demon, I believe this classification to be false, the more likely scenario is he is a disguised wish granting Cosmic Horror from the Exaverse.