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The Cecaelias are a octopus-like humanoid race which lives in the seas and are a part of the civilization known as the Deep Folk. Little is known about them, except that they are skilled in magic, are matriarchal, enemies of the Merpeople and allies of the Vodyanoi.

Supposedly, they were created by the Sea Witches to aid them, but over time, they rebelled against their creators.

The only information comes from a second meeting king Ethain had with his ex-wife Sha who came to warn him of the danger they could pose to humans.


Cecaeliae are aquatic-based humanoids whose lower halves resemble octopi. They possess human-like torsos that are typically slender, but even above the waist, there are marked differences between humans and Cecaeliae. There are gills on their necks, and their eyes are all one color. Their hair appears to be made up of tentacles. These appendages, however, cannot move independently and do not serve any purpose. Scholars believe that Cecaeliae may have developed such pseudo-tentacles so as to confuse predators.

Cecaeliae have powerful tentacles instead of legs below their waists. These long, thick limbs are deceptively dexterous, capable of fine motor control, and covered in suckers. Even while stationary, Cecaelia tentacles are always in motion, constantly sensing and stabilizing to their environment. They have talon like fingernails.

Generally, Cecaelia skin colors are similar to human skin tones; however, their tentacles can be any color, from green to purple to red. Their human skin also reflects this color to a lesser degree as well as being able to control this color in some way, they can also use it to display some minimal camouflage. They will revert to the same color when not trying to concentrate on blending in.





Notable Cecaelias

  • Naala
  • Atah
  • Yalnish
  • Aris
  • Huari
  • Usula


  • Usula is a reference to Ursula, the Disney villain from The Little Mermaid film.