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The Apumayu Basin is a Far South region adjacent to the Apumayu river. Separated by the bay and the mountains, people of the Apumayu remained distinct from both Zangvebari and Ofieri people.


The Apumayu people share similar ancestry to the Skrælings from Far North, but developed entirely distinct societies over the course of ages. As the Apumayu river flows to the Sea of Zang, they are sometimes spotted in the ports of the Nilfgaardian Empire and Ofir, but not as often as the Zangvebari traders. They sell such wares as cocoa or obsidian.

a city in the mountains


A rebel warlord

In the 12th century most of the Apumayu city states faced socialist revolutions against the tyranny of the antherion-worshipping priests and puppet rulers. While empowering for the society, the revolutions were not without an unnecessary bloodshed and cruelties. One of the results was the initial blockade of the Apumayu delta by Ofieri and Hannuan fleets, as the rulers of these countries wanted to punish the Apumayu for the problems in trade. The Zangvebari in turn sided with the Apumayu, seeing the similarity with their own fate during the Aen Nílfe occupation, though disapproved the new "dwarf-like" socialist economics of the Basin.

Notable city-states

  • Ascope
  • Chocope
  • Hocam
  • Vayuo
  • Oneta
  • Awak
  • Cueya
  • Tolpo
  • Tote
  • Palo
  • Sipaan Empire
  • Juaycara
  • Tiwabaya
  • Marachorro


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  • The name Apumayu comes from Quechua apu "divinity" and mayu "river".
  • The socialist revolts are a nod to those in South America over the course of the previous century, as well as to the pre-Columbian Inca economics.