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One of the few creatures capable of competing against a golden dragon in power
―Putnam Pitch, witcher of the Griffin School

The androsphinx is a kind of minor demon which dwells in the territories of Hannu. Although some scholars consider it a kind of energetic vampire. It's a subspecies of the sphinx. Much more aggressive and powerful.

According to local records. This creature, along with others, appeared after the Conjunction of the Spheres in the ancient pyramids Which were dedicated to protecting their secrets for centuries from the country's mages.

Until their defeat when they abandoned the pyramids and dedicated themselves to terrorizing all of Hannu.

Its appearance, on many occasions, may recall that of a griffin but with a human face and no wings.

They also have a very resistant skin, "Like a rock" in the words of Putnam Pitch who had to face one during his visit to the country.

They are powerful and very difficult to defeat. Not only because of their human level intelligence, but also because of their mastery of magic. Its only known weak point is the face.

Their diet is the emotions of intelligent races. Causing in them, strong emotions to feed until they finally end up dying from various causes, such as depression or a heart attack for stress.





Tough Skin:


Emotion Feeding:




  • All androsphinxes are androgynous in their faces .
  • Unlike sphinxes, they don't have wings.
  • Unlike sphinxes. These do not plan riddles before killing their victims.
  • This article is inspired by the Egyptian sphinx.